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Per 1,000 Words:

Are you ready to polish a finished manuscript? Our proofreading service will cover all the fine details you’ll need to check at this final stage. 

Best For: Writers with a manuscript that has already been through the editing process, and needs a final polish.

What’s Included: Applying the Chicago Manual of Style, an editor will check your polished manuscript for typographical errors such as misspelling, misuse of punctuation, or wrong word usage (i.e. should of instead of should have, read instead of real, etc.). This is intended as the last pass for a manuscript that has already been reviewed by others and prepared as well as the author can manage on their own.

What’s Not Included:

  • Any input on: Proper grammar usage, including subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, etc.
  • Readability, flow, and clarity of language
  • Content such as character development, pacing, plot structure, or organization

Turnaround Time: 16 business days

How This Works: 
  1. To purchase this service, run a word count on your document, divide that number by 1000, and round up to the nearest whole number to find your quantity. Example: For a 53,421-word manuscript, your quantity would be 54.
  2. Enter that quantity into the item field above and click "Add to Cart" to estimate your price and finalize your purchase.
  3. You must make one purchase per individual manuscript -- please don’t combine multiple manuscripts into a single purchase.
  4. After your purchase, you’ll upload a copy of your manuscript to our system, and our editor will begin the review process. Once your evaluation is complete, you’ll receive your evaluation in MS Word via an official Shut Up & Write email.