As every project is different, we've done our bests to standardize the purchasing process of each service being ordered. All orders are based off of a word count of your project, rounded up to the nearest 1000 words.


    Run a word count on your document, round up to the nearest 1000 and then divide by 1000 to find your quantity. Enter that quantity into the item field above and click "Add to Cart" to estimate your price and finalize your purchase.


    After your purchase, you’ll upload a copy of your manuscript to our system, and our editor will begin the review process. Once your evaluation is complete, you’ll receive your evaluation in MS Word via an official Shut Up & Write email.

Manuscript Evaluation

Need a little guidance on your manuscript? Our manuscript evaluation will provide you with a high-level overview and an estimate of next steps you should take in the editing process.


Editing Check

Not sure what kind of editing service you need? Get an editing check and one of our editors will let you know what your next step should be. If you decide to use our editing services, the cost of your editing check will be applied to that purchase.


Developmental Editing

Ready to roll up your sleeves and take a deep dive into your project? With our developmental editing service, an editor will take a close, comprehensive look at your manuscript and provide direction on fundamental aspects of your work, such as structure and content.


Line Editing

If you’re ready for an in-depth revision of a draft, our line editing service can provide everything from content evaluation to grammar fine-tuning.


Copy Editing

If you’re ready to call in the grammar police, we can help! Our copy editing service gives you a comprehensive, detailed look at grammar, spelling, usage, and other technical errors in your manuscript. Our editor will check your manuscript and send a version to you with in-line edits for grammar, style, and usage. 



Are you ready to polish a finished manuscript? Our proofreading service will cover all the fine details you’ll need to check at this final stage.